About Pomeroy

Pomeroy Living is a vibrant community of people, services and environments all centered around respecting the unique needs and choices of seniors as they age. We celebrate the individuality of our clients, recognizing that the best care is that which treats the mind and spirit along with the body.

You will be hard pressed to find white coats and dark hallways at a Pomeroy Living community. Instead you will see lots of windows and open spaces. You will hear spontaneous chatter, and see doors opening as people from the community stop by to enjoy a lecture or bring their kids or pets by for a visit.  You will find some quiet alcoves and tranquil garden benches, along with areas with small groups of folks who like to chat. You may also find one or two people taking a light supper in one of the small bistros.

If this all sounds more like a small boutique hotel than a senior living community, you are right on track. Pomeroy’s history is in hospitality and we have patterned our campuses on this model, catering to each individual with highly personalized service and hospitality.

Beneath this warm and friendly exterior, however, is serious medicine, in the form of a network of highly trained physicians, nurses and support staff, along with state-of-the-art health services. These services are provided across campuses located throughout Michigan. Each campus provides its own set of specialized services to meet a broad range of needs.

Available care options are: Rehabilitation, Short/Long Term Care, Memory Care, Respite Care and Hospice Care.