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  • Our Communities

  • At the heart of the Pomeroy Living way of life are our communities. Each one of our communities has been modeled to support the individual and also to create a unique environment that is inviting to the community.  At Pomeroy Living, you will not find the sterile sights and smells of a hospital. Ins[...]
  • Making The Move

  • Perhaps you have a loved one who has recently had a stroke or heart attack, or has been diagnosed with a debilitating illness. The words “can no longer live independently” make your heart sink, as well as that of your loved one.  Images of “facilities” pop up in your mind and the thought of this ver[...]
  • Care Options

  • Throughout our lifetimes, things happen to us that suddenly or gradually take away our lifestyles as we knew them. Plans get put on hold, loved ones are inconvenienced, and our only thoughts are how we can get back to our old lives again. Whether it’s a broken hip from a fall, a stroke, or a chronic[...]
  • A Different Way of Caring

  • Dedicated, expert clinical team. State-of-the-art facilities & personalized care. Combining thirty years of experience and knowledge, fueled by passion and a desire to change the way we think of the elderly, is a powerful formula. At Pomeroy Living we place a large emphasis on the community f[...]