Memory Care

One of the greatest challenges we have is trying to comprehend where the minds of our loved ones go when they become disconnected through Alzheimer’s or Dementia to the world we know.

Unfortunately many “care facilities” take a containment approach to these “patients,” keeping them segregated from the world they once knew so well. At Pomeroy, as part of our commitment to changing the culture of aging in America, we are working toward creating a new environment that will have neighborhoods and neighbors who are living meaningful moments in an intimate environment without constraints.

Because Pomeroy takes a holistic approach to everything we do, families, as well as their loved ones (including pets), form the central focus of our memory care communities.  At Pomeroy we never stop striving to find ways to enhance functionality.

Our communities are built specifically for memory care, designed to facilitate our unique style of therapy. That means balancing the best of nature and social interaction spaces, along with state of the art tools and technology to make sure that your loved one is always safe and secure.