Does Your Loved One Need Geriatric Rehabilitation?

For over 40 years Pomeroy Living has been providing Geriatric Rehabilitation, which is a special category of medical services that provides care to senior citizens after an accident, injury, or another significant medical event. Services range from psychological support after a traumatic event to a wide range of physical services. The goal is to restore the patient to the level of health and functionality that they enjoyed prior to the medical setback.

If your loved one needs help recovering or just wants to ensure the process is as speedy as possible, there are a few rehabilitation options. They may secure senior living rehabilitation while residing in a rehab center like Pomeroy. For some patients, in-home rehab services are also an option.

When is Senior Living Rehabilitation Necessary?

Geriatric rehabilitation is necessary whenever a senior citizen experiences a medical event that requires a high level of recovery. If your loved one will need help that you or other loved ones cannot safely and competently provide, senior living rehabilitation is necessary.  

In some cases, a senior may attempt to recover at home without routine assistance from service providers. If they have difficulties or fail to heal and recover as expected, then their medical provider may order rehabilitation services to help.  

Your loved one’s doctor or surgeon may tell you in advance if a planned surgery or other medical procedure will require recovery and the type of rehab services that are typically needed. In the case of unexpected or emergency events like heart attacks, you should discuss all aspects of recovery prior to your loved one’s release from the hospital.

Types of Geriatric Rehabilitation Services

Now that you understand when your loved one may need geriatric rehabilitation, let’s look at some types of rehab services available and offered at Pomeroy Living. There are many sub-categories within each of these, and you may have other options, depending on your loved one’s needs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps seniors re-learn skills that are needed in everyday life. Your loved one may need this form of rehabilitative therapy if they struggle to brush their teeth, pick objects up, eat, or perform other functional skills.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps seniors improve their speech after a medical setback that impairs their ability to speak clearly. If your loved one struggles to communicate with you when they need something or cannot respond to questions clearly, speech therapy can help.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehab is specific to recovery from heart-related medical events. In this case, geriatric rehabilitation is customized to the needs of the individual, so each patient may receive different services. The goal is to get the senior back to the level of health and wellness that they enjoyed prior to the heart-related setback.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a rehabilitation service that helps seniors with various aspects of mobility. They may need to work through exercises to build strength and stamina. In some cases, re-learning how to walk or figuring out their new range of motion is necessary.

The Right Time for Geriatric Rehabilitation Services

If you suspect that your loved one may need some type of rehab service, it’s worth discussing with their medical provider. The best time to do that is before they have planned surgery, but you can do it at any time for events that have already occurred. Getting help now is better than no help at all. To learn more about Pomeroy Living’s rehabilitative offerings, email us at

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