Making The Move

Perhaps you have a loved one who has recently had a stroke or heart attack, or has been diagnosed with a debilitating illness. The words “can no longer live independently” make your heart sink, as well as that of your loved one.  Images of “facilities” pop up in your mind and the thought of this very special person in such an institutional environment is heart wrenching. How can you find a place that will treat your loved one as the unique individual he or she is? Where do you begin? What questions do you ask? How do you pave the way so your loved one can make the transition?

When you speak with a Pomeroy Living representative, you will be heard. Listening is a large part of matching our clients with the right set of services for them or their loved ones. At Pomeroy we insist on learning all about our prospective clients, from their disabilities and physical issues to their personal histories — who are they, what are their opinions, what are their likes and dislikes?

By the time your loved one passes through our doors, our entire team will know them, not just as a set of disabilities to be treated, but as an individual with a personality and a rich history who is continuing a life journey, not ending it.

We invite you to reach out and make that first call to Pomeroy. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised.