Best Questions To Ask Senior Living Communities

Pomeroy Living Communities offer the elderly support they require to stay healthy and safe if they can no longer live independently. It is the perfect retirement strategy for our older loved ones because our communities help preserve their independence and offer resort-like amenities, including unique social activities, beauty salons, fitness classes and the chance to build new friendships.  Below, you will discover a comprehensive list of questions to ask to determine if which modern senior living community is the right one.

We do understand that you have a lot of options to choose from and it can be overwhelming to shop for a new home for your loved one. Don’t just take our word for it, we encourage you to meet the staff and ask all the right questions when you stop by any of our communities for a private tour. Each of Pomeroy’s campuses are unique and offer several different amenities.

Living Spaces

  • What type of modern residential senior living spaces do you offer? (Condominiums, cottages, couple’s apartments, etc.)
  • Does the living space include appliances or furniture?
  • Can seniors select between shared or private rooms?
  • Do you conduct routine maintenance and repairs?
  • What utilities are accessible and who covers them? (Electric, water, gas, internet, etc.)
  • Do you provide housekeeping services? 
  • Are pets allowed? What’s your policy about pets? 

Care Services

  • What is your staff-to-resident ratio?
  • Can residents access staff 24/7?
  • Do you offer in-house physicians? 
  • Are there any contracts and agreements seniors should sign before moving in? 
  • Do you offer in-house medication?  
  • How far is the hospital from the community? 
  • Do residents have to move if care needs to change over time?  
  • Does your staff administer medication?


  • What activities do residents participate in, and how often do they take place? 
  • Who pays for visits to the grocery store?  
  • Do you encourage seniors to participate actively?  
  • Can you show me your schedule for activities and events?  
  • Does your entertainment include live entertainment? 


  • How many meals do residents receive per day?  
  • Do you offer snacks?  
  • Are there set times for meals, or can they be provided at varied times?  
  • What dining setup do you offer? (Private, Dining room, To-go, etc.) 
  • Can you tailor meals to meet a resident’s specific needs or any special requests?  
  • What popular dishes do you offer? Can I sample them?  
  • What happens if a resident hasn’t had enough food?  

Health Care and Wellness  

  • Do you offer services like physical therapy and hospice?  
  • Are there any written healthcare plans designed for each resident?  
  • Do you cover transportation for physician appointments?  
  • How do you get seniors involved in workouts?  
  • Is there a pool or a fitness studio?  
  • What certification does your wellness team have?  
  • Can you modify workouts to meet the needs of each resident?  


  • Do you allow overnight guest visits?  
  • Are the living spaces customizable?  
  • What about religious services? Are they nearby or provided on-site?  
  • Do you have specific visiting hours for family and friends?  
  • What other fees do you not mention in your marketing materials?  

Bottom Line

Because we care for our loved ones so much, we of course want to make sure they will have the best care. Every senior has unique needs, and Pomeroy communities try as much as possible to meet them through their offerings and services. Because of this, we encourage you to ask as many questions as possible to gain an in-depth understanding of a community and make an informed decision. To learn more about Pomeroy Living or to visit any one of our campuses, you can contact us at

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Manda Ayoub

Manda Ayoub

As the Chief Operating Officer, Manda brings over 30 years of health care experience to Pomeroy Living. Manda is responsible for the facilities operations, outcomes of the clinical team and ensuring regulatory compliance. Since joining Pomeroy Living in 2011, Manda has been instrumental in opening both of Pomeroy’s state-of-the-art assisted living communities - Pomeroy Living of Northville and Pomeroy Living Orion. She has implemented innovative health care initiatives that have successfully improved patient outcomes and the quality of care at both of Pomeroy’s skilled nursing facilities.