How Healthy Aging Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Older man doing exercise

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to prioritize our health and well-being. One of the most effective ways to do this is through regular exercise. Exercise has numerous benefits for individuals of all ages, but it becomes especially crucial as we get older. Within this blog post, we shall delve into the numerous benefits…

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How We Care for Our Residents’ Hair

hair care at our senior living Michigan locations

For us women, a beauty appointment is an escape, self-care even. For men, we know a haircut can be an immediate confidence booster. However, as we age, taking care of our hair can become more challenging. Physical limitations such as difficulty reaching to style or brush the hair can make hair care feel like a…

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How Assisted Living Communities Support Nutritious Eating

assisted living facilities dining

If you are anything like me, food is a love language! Balanced meals are likely the answer to a lot of our problems within our bodies. But as we age, planning and preparing meals can become more difficult. Assisted living communities are designed to provide a safe and supportive environment where seniors can maintain their…

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Adaptive Assisted Living: How Pomeroy Living Caters to Each Individual

We believe every senior can have a happy and care-free retirement. They spend a lifetime being the resource for others and deserve to retire to a duty-free community where their needs are met. With adaptive assisted living, Pomeroy Living caters to every individual by offering safety, a productive lifestyle, social interaction, and proper support. Through…

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Elderly Care Tips: Holiday Décor

The weather’s getting colder, snow is beginning to fall, and the holidays are just around the corner! For many of us, this time of year is filled with family, friends, and memories. But for seniors, the holidays can be a difficult time. If your elderly loved one is receiving at-home, assisted, or independent care, it’s…

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Comparing Assisted Living Vs. Home Care

Tips to Choose Between Assisted Living Vs. In-Home Care

When the time comes for your senior loved one to need some help in their day to day routine, choosing home health care or an assisted senior living facility could be a tough choice to make. I have been in this industry for over twenty years and know just how overwhelming it can be to be make the decision of caring for your loved one with assisted living vs. home care. However, clearing up some misconceptions about assisted living can help you make that choice when the time comes.

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Best Questions To Ask Senior Living Communities

Best Questions To Ask Senior Living Facilities

Every senior has unique needs, and Pomeroy communities try as much as possible to meet them through their offerings and services. Because of this, we encourage you to ask as many questions as possible to gain an in-depth understanding of a facility and make an informed decision.

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