Bill Brown

William Brown

Executive Director

As the Executive Director, William brings over 14 years of health care and 7 years of leadership experience to Pomeroy Living. William is responsible for the communities’ operations, continuous process improvement and building of high performing cross functional teams.

William joined Pomeroy Living in January 2023.

Before joining Pomeroy Living, William worked for the home care division of a national healthcare company for 5 years where he held positions of increasing scope and responsibility including Client Services Manager, Team Lead and Director of Operations. In the Director of Operations role William was responsible for operations and strategic planning of the organization’s core lines of business.

William received his Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University and is currently working on finishing his Masters in Healthcare Administration from Central Michigan University as well.

In his free time, time spent with friends and family is most prized, a father of three his greatest accomplishments are his children.

Cher Orion Pomeroy

Cher Wilson

Director of Wellness

Cher Wilson has over 20 years of nursing experience working with senior clients. Finding her love of working with the senior population, she became a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) and BLS Instructor. A Detroit native, she is a mother of 7.

Jonathan Marzicola

Jonathan Marzicola

Sales and Marking Director

Jonathan started his journey in the senior living industry as a server in the dining room of an independent living community.

With dedication and passion, he was promoted to assistant director in 2014. Jonathan has since accumulated a wealth of experience in various capacities within the senior industry, bringing valuable expertise to Pomeroy.

Joining Pomeroy in April 2024, Jonathan looks forward to making a meaningful difference in the community and the lives of our seniors and their families. As a Certified Dementia Practitioner, he has dedicated his life to ensuring the well-being of this population.

In his leisure time, Jonathan cherishes moments with his wife and son, Sterling. He also enjoys sports and a good comedy movie.

Lorene Strong

Lorene Strong

Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing

Lorene joined the Pomeroy Living Orion Team on Day 1 in 2017. Living locally, she witnessed the community being built and knew that she had to become a part of this family.

Being a resident of such a close knit town like Lake Orion since 1996, Lorene is still amazed at the various connections that she has within the Senior Living Community.

Prior to being at Pomeroy Living, Lorene worked as a dental assistant for 30 years, including a Lake Orion Dentist for the last 15 years. Although she saw hundreds of patients at the office, her favorite patients were always the seniors. They had a way of brightening up her day, and she felt that she made a difference in theirs.

Speaking of seniors, after residing in Wisconsin for over 65 years, Lorene’s father moved in with Lorene and her husband in July, 2022. Since she was born and raised in Wisconsin, Lorene’s roots are hard to hide on Sundays while cheering with her father for their beloved Packers.

The joy of Lorene’s life is her family, especially her 4 grandchildren.


Jessica Hamby

Activity Director

Jessica started working with the senior population 6 years ago when she graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Recreation Event Management.  She started working at Pomeroy in June 2023.  Jessica has a positive attitude.  You can always catch Jessica walking down the halls with a smile on her face.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling and being around water and spending time with her husband and family.

Will - Chef

Will Rottenberk


Chef Will Rottenberk is a distinguished culinary professional who graduated at the pinnacle of his class from Dorsey Culinary Academy. His journey in the culinary world began with a notable externship in senior living during his training, followed by an impressive stint handling banquets for the Detroit Pistons at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Diversifying his culinary repertoire, Chef Rottenberk ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing the successful catering company, Red Mountain Foods. Unfortunately, the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic led to the closure of his venture. Despite the setback, Chef Rottenberk found renewed joy and purpose in returning to his roots in the senior living sector.

Currently serving as the Executive Chef and director of Dining Services at Pomeroy Orion, Chef Rottenberk brings a wealth of experience and a passion for creating exceptional culinary experiences. His culinary journey, marked by excellence, adaptability, and resilience, reflects his commitment to providing top-notch dining services in the senior living community. Chef Rottenberk's dedication to his craft and his return to the senior living industry showcase his unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding culinary experiences and positively impacting the lives of those he serves.


Tommy Eason Jr.

Maintenance Director

I have 20 years plus in the Senior Living industry, spent 30 years as a Football, Baseball & Basketball Coach had several players play and graduated from college, had a player drafted by New England Patriots and win a Super Bowl, worked and retired from Oakland County Water & Sewer.

Pomeroy - Jeffery

Jeffrey Dodge

Housekeeping Director

Jeff is a lifelong Lake Orion resident, who takes pride in his community. Working locally throughout his career, he came to Pomeroy Orion, and his determination and dedication to our seniors moved him through the ranks to become Housekeeping Director. While not at Pomeroy, Jeff enjoys spending time with family.