What Are Senior Cottages?

Recently, we celebrated an astounding resident of the Pomeroy community for turning 107 years old! He has been a part of our community for quite some time now, and like him, we have watched many residents age with us. With these life changes, some can expect potential health-related concerns. Many senior citizens eventually start to experience less independence due to the issues that they face, such as arthritis and related conditions. These effects can lead to depression, low mood, and sadness among senior citizens. Our senior cottages focus on filling the gap between independent living and readily available medical assistance.

What Do Senior Cottages Offer Senior Citizens?

Senior cottages focus on helping older adults have a more independent lifestyle, allowing them to enjoy their own property where they can conduct their daily activities. At the same time, these cottages help to ensure the senior citizen becomes part of a caring and supportive community. Pomeroy Orion Cottages are also within walking distance of our three other communities that are readily available to provide help when needed.

Senior cottages are not just about a community. They also help individuals feel less dependent on others. Many of these cottages provide access to amenities such as a private yard, laundry services, garages, spacious bedrooms, and more. The individual also gains access to a neighborhood, which helps to promote socializing with other senior citizens who also live in these cottages.

In addition, community activities are always going on, which helps to ensure the seniors who are part of the cottage neighborhood remain active while they reside in this living area.

What Are the Benefits of Senior Cottages?

Younger individuals often do not thoroughly understand how seniors perceive the loss of their ability to remain independent. Once independence starts to wither, the senior may start to have feelings of sadness and experience a low mood. This essentially leads to poor mental health, which can further affect the limitations brought on by physiological health conditions.

Unfortunately, there are currently numerous barriers faced when it comes to providing seniors with an independent lifestyle. This is often due to health conditions that develop, which may adversely affect their ability to care for themselves. This is why assisted living is often an option that loved ones of the senior citizen consider, but this can further lead to the feeling of less independence.

Senior cottages can help to overcome these barriers by combining independent living with assisted services when they are needed. These cottages come with emergency buttons and other services that ensure senior citizens have peace of mind that they can obtain medical help in an instant. At the same time, each cottage comes fitted with facilities that still promote independence on the senior citizen’s side.

These benefits can help to reduce the mental health impact that aging can have on the individual, ultimately leading to healthier aging and helping to keep the individual active in their older age.


While assisted living is a necessary option for some, many senior citizens dread the idea due to the loss of independence they believe they may experience. As an alternative, senior cottages offer an excellent option for older individuals to experience independence while also having easy access to medical services. We always encourage you to come and visit our Cottages to experience them firsthand and get a look and feel for yourself!

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Manda Ayoub

Manda is a nurse and a licensed nursing home Administrator in the state of Michigan. She has worked through all aspects of the post-acute healthcare industry, holding various positions including Infection Control Nurse, In-service Director, Quality Assurance Director, Risk Manager and a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.