Best Practices and Things to Look for in Dining at Senior Living Communities

With senior living communities popping up everywhere, there’s increased concern among caretakers and relatives regarding the quality of the food they consume. Caretakers want to make sure options are top-notch as far as dining at senior living communities are concerned. If you’re looking for exemplary conduct in this regard, there are some points to look out for.

Here at Pomeroy, we adhere to these guidelines, too, including:

1. Professionally Trained Chef

There’s no denying that senior care is expensive. When we factor in the complex and layered dietary requirements and restrictions of our senior residents, we understand that those requirements can only be rendered by a superior level of culinary skillset, which most home chefs or self-taught cooks cannot acquire.

At the same time, professionally trained practitioners bring their knowledge of different spice and nutrient blends is important to our senior communities. In all, when we consider the amount of capital that we spend preparing meals, we understand it’s wise to invest in all the best ingredients and skills. Likewise, any other senior resident community that claims to serve safe and healthy food may also invest in professional culinary resources for their residents.

2. Food Science Practitioners

While the culinary service industry focuses on making elderly meals tasty and varied, food scientists explore another facet of the average senior meal; its nutritional content. Commonly known as dieticians and nutritionists, senior service communities need to have a segment of professionals who understand the importance of making the meals we serve wholesome and deliciously palatable, while also keeping them nutritionally appropriate for every senior in our community.

These people also have a sound knowledge regarding medicines, formulas, supplements, and other forms of consumables that are a part of the elderly’s daily diet. Together, these people work together

3. Anytime Menu

This is a practice that many senior care homes find sadly bothersome but both humane and necessary. An anytime menu, which usually comprises essential dishes and meals, is a requirement by almost all senior residents. This is because they often follow different diet plans, lifestyles, and have varying metabolic activities and nutritional requirements. Serving senior food round the clock helps to ensure our residents are happy and their diets nutritionally sound.

4. Variety in Dining Experiences

Variety within senior dining communities can help keep residents engaged and morale high. In addition to our anytime menu, we also offer several different dining experiences within our communities. We pride ourselves on our restaurant-style seating and award-winning meals to provide delicious nutrition to our residents in a fun, casual, community setting. This includes beer and wine available at lunch and dinner, as well as a happy hour. We also have a café bar, pub, and Sunday brunch available to our residents.

5. Quality and Inventory Control

Standards within senior dining communities are very important since the nutrition they are being provided needs to be of the best quality. We make sure that we adhere to the highest standards when preparing meals for our residents. From the ingredients used in our residents meals to the preparation of said meals, we make sure that we exceed standards and go above and beyond to make sure that our residents get the best when being served Pomeroy’s award winning meals.


Although many seniors in our communities have many different dietary needs, there is one common ground for every resident: and that is to serve them delicious, nutritional meals in fun and cohesive settings. There are several criteria that call for a professional team to prepare meals regularly here at Pomeroy, and we make sure that weekly assessments, special occasions, nutritional updates, and other factors are of utmost importance when providing our seniors with a wonderful dining experience. To learn more about Pomeroy and our dining experience, contact us at

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