Tips for Communicating with Elderly Parents Who Refuse Care

It is all too common for adult children to face the difficult decision of communicating the need for elder care with their aging parents. Parents, at this age, can be persistent about not needing care and wanting to continue their current lifestyle, no matter how dangerous or detrimental it is for their health. If you’re facing a similar dilemma, you are not alone. However, you must navigate this challenging situation without hurting your elderly parent’s sentiments.

To help you through this task, we’ve put together a short guide on tips you can use to communicate with your elderly parent about how a senior living community like Pomeroy can benefit them.

Speak To Them Empathetically

You must work on getting your point across to your parents about senior living. To do this, you should speak concisely and not ask open-ended questions or get into long arguments that may confuse them. Keep your conversations concise and to the point so that your elderly parents can understand better. Furthermore, you should speak loud enough for your parents to hear your points properly and not miss out on crucial information.

Understand Your Parent’s Circumstances

Your parents may have genuine fears and concerns about living in senior living. However, you can quickly dispel them by providing your parents with the correct information. Despite the extensive care at Pomeroy Living, senior citizens may be hesitant to join because they lack knowledge.

Therefore, it is imperative that you understand your parent’s position and not enforce your views upon them. This can only be possible if you have close contact with your parents. For example, If your parents feel that they prefer being independent, then our Independent care package can cater to all of their needs without compromising on their wishes.

Incorporate Positivity

Going into a senior living community can seem like a gloomy thought for most parents. Even if it means going into a much better living situation, being separated from family can be a scary thought for aging parents.

However, you can remind your elderly parents about the positives of living in a bustling and happening elder care community like Pomeroy. The positive, caring, and encouraging community at Pomeroy Living promotes a healthy and happy environment for your elderly loved ones.

Address Their Concerns with Research

When your elderly parents are being adamant about their living situation, you can incorporate facts about senior living into your conversation to help sway their decision. For example, suppose your parents are concerned about their particular circumstances, such as memory loss issues or the need for assisted living.

In that case, you can reassure them by letting them know about assisted care and memory care options as well.  Whether they prefer independent living, short-term care, long-term care, or any other living arrangement, Pomeroy has something for everyone.


Although it may seem challenging to convince aging parents about elder care, there are effective ways you can go about this conversation.

At Pomeroy Living, we strive to provide your parents with a wide range of services so that they can happily embark on this new journey towards wellness and care. For more information on how to approach elder care or to tour one of our communities, email us at

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