Why Seniors and Their Loved Ones Should Consider Joining a Pomeroy Independent Living Facility

If you have been worrying about the living condition of your elderly loved ones as they begin to age, then you should consider Pomeroy’s independent living community. Two major concerns about senior living are social isolation and the idea of living independently. Many have an archaic notion about independent living facilities. However, the amenities and activities offered by our independent living communities are changing the way people think about senior independent living.

In addition to giving family members peace of mind, Pomeroy’s independent living facilities offer numerous benefits both emotionally and health wise for seniors. As the world evolves, so do our programs and facilities. Our independent senior living communities aim to build healthy relationships, connect lives, and make beautiful memories for aged people.

Why should you consider one of Pomeroy’s Independent Living Facilities?

●     Connection:

Meeting people in similar conditions can create new friendships and bonds. This can be an inspiring move that can spur seniors to try out a new passion or start out a new hobby. In our independent living facilities, seniors have a chance to mingle with a diverse group of folks who all have different dreams and lifestyles. Within these groups, it is easier to find a like mind and create meaningful connections and friendships.

●     Healthier Lifestyle:

In the presence of supervision, it is easier to live healthier. Our independent living facilities offer several fitness programs because we understand the importance of staying physically active within the community. In addition, the meals in our independent living facilities are conditioned for the nourishment of seniors. When you eat well, exercise, sleep well, and focus on overall well-being, health risks are greatly reduced.

●     Safety and Security:

In the absence of stress and fear, happiness and peace can thrive. With guidance and supervision, a lot of accidents are averted. Our independent living facilities are designed for accessibility and mobility. This greatly reduces the likelihood of accidents happening because our facilities are designed with our seniors in mind. Our facilities are also secure to keep your seniors safe in that regard as well.

Finding an independent living facility for your loved one is a momentous decision to make. Pomeroy Living is one of the most reputable senior living communities and for over three decades, we have continued to stay faithful to our commitment to our seniors. We value each and every individual, and pride ourselves in providing the best for our seniors.

Why Choose Pomeroy Independent Living?

We offer 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 2 bedroom,1.5 bath and 2 bedroom, 2 bath options in our apartment style facilities, in addition to our detached and duplex style cottages. All our independent living facilities offer several amenities and activities to make you feel right at home.

  • We are interested in our seniors’ personal care; physically, mentally, and socially! We provide access to appliances (washers, dryers) in every unit and utilities (excluding phone and cable). We have salons, two meals a day, game rooms, pubs, restaurant-style dining, fitness programs, and therapy services available as well.
  • We provide the convenience of housekeeping, unit upkeep, and outdoor maintenance.
  • Our seniors enjoy activity-packed days. We offer scheduled transportation to cultural events, appointments, shopping, enrichment activities, and outdoor settings featuring community grills.
  • We are also committed to safety. We offer electronic daily check-ins as well as an emergency call system.

With Pomeroy communities, you will have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in good hands, hands that are committed to taking the very best care of your senior. To learn more about Pomeroy and our independent living communities, visit our website or email us at info@pomeroyliving.com today!