Why Seniors and Their Loved Ones Should Consider Joining a Pomeroy Independent Living Facility

By / February 28, 2022

If you have been worrying about the living condition of your elderly loved ones as they begin to age, then you should consider Pomeroy’s independent living community. Two major concerns about senior living are social isolation and the idea of living independently. Many have an archaic notion about independent living facilities. However, the amenities and…

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Who Needs Respite Care?

By / January 14, 2022

“We see this time and time again where a family reaches out to us because they are burned out with their own lives and then taking care of their loved one on top of everything else in their lives. There is no shame in asking for help. As a matter of fact, having them stay with us will not only benefit you it will benefit them. In the world we live in today with the pandemic and COVID still so prevalent, we are the expert in senior care and oversight.

So have them come stay with us, it’s a vacation for you both and who knows they might like it and make it their permanent home.”

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A Guide to Senior Living: Qualities to Look For

By / December 27, 2021

This guide to senior living will help you while researching a good senior living facility. A senior living facility can be an excellent choice for elderly individuals. Around 1 million elderly Americans live in a senior living facility type set up, and this number is predicted to grow with time. However, making the transition from…

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assisted living meal

Let’s Compare: Assisted vs. Independent Living

By / October 29, 2021

“We get this question all the time from families and prospective residents. If you are from the industry and have never had to do a search for senior living before of course you don’t know the difference. I encourage you to read the article below for a better understanding so you know what options are out there for your loved one. And please don’t forget you are not alone, we are happy to help and come alongside you as you enter this journey. We are better together my grandma Eileen always said and that’s the truth.”

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