A Guide to Senior Living: Qualities to Look For

This guide to senior living will help you while researching a good senior living facility.

A senior living facility can be an excellent choice for elderly individuals. Around 1 million elderly Americans live in a senior living facility type set up, and this number is predicted to grow with time.

However, making the transition from living independently to living in an assisted care setup is difficult for most senior citizens. If you have loved ones making this transition, you can help them choose the perfect place for themselves.

1.   Location

The location of the senior living facility is crucial, especially if you or your relatives plan on visiting your senior loved ones frequently. Being close to home or family helps put seniors at ease, knowing that their loved ones are just a call away.

You must also consider the grocery stores, parks, and other facilities in the area in case your senior loved one would like to step out for a while.

2.  Services

The main reason for shifting elderly citizens into a senior living facility is to improve their quality of life and ensure their safety. Therefore, the senior living facility you are considering must have all the services and types of care options that your loved one requires.

If, for example, your loved one needs medical assistance, then choose a facility that offers this type of care. You should also go over the amenities provided by the senior living facility to make sure they’re as per what you want for your elderly loved one.

3.  Affordability

You don’t want your loved ones falling in love with a place that is entirely out of their budget. Make a list of all the senior facilities you would like to consider and have a transparent conversation with the facility to find an estimate of the cost. Then present all your options wisely to your elderly loved ones.

4.  Environment

The environment of the senior living facility is of utmost importance. If your loved ones don’t feel at home at their new senior living facility, they will have trouble adjusting to the place.

The best way to gauge a place’s environment is by spending some time there. Talk to the residents and staff and spend a day there to have a clear idea of the environment.

5.  Activities

A senior living facility needs to have a variety of activities to keep its residents occupied. Of course, these activities may vary from place to place as there is no set standard for them.

While considering a senior living facility for your elderly loved ones, you must make sure that these activities are to their liking.


Choosing a good senior living facility for the elderly can be complex. You have to make sure the place is within budget, well known, has great reviews, and matches what your elderly loved ones have in mind for themselves.

Go through our guide for some of the most important aspects of a senior living facility you should consider before making a final decision.