Michelle Hatfield

Michelle Hatfield

Director of Wellness
Michelle Hatfield is the new Wellness Director at Pomeroy Northville she is a great addition to the team, bringing with her 22 years of medical experience. 11 years in leadership/training with 12 of those years serving in Nursing. Michelle uses her experience to help seniors and their families in this season of life to have the absolute best experience. Michelle works hard to develop a family-like culture for her staff.  Michelle has 5 children, a wonderful supportive husband and two dogs. Michelle enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and kayaking in her free time.
Dotty Harold

Dotty Harold

Director of Sales and Marketing

Dotty Harold is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the senior living industry, boasting an impressive seventeen-year career. She has held various key positions throughout her journey, including Director of Assisted Living and Executive Director. Dotty's extensive background has endowed her with a profound understanding of our senior population and a keen insight into the changes that accompany aging.

Her academic foundation includes a major in Gerontology from Madonna University, reflecting her commitment to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of aging.
What sets Dotty apart is her unwavering passion for connecting with residents. If you were to inquire about the most rewarding aspect of her job, she would undoubtedly express the joy she derives from spending time with those under her care. This love for seniors has fueled her dedication to the industry, propelling her into the role of Sales and Marketing Director. In this capacity, Dotty serves as a compassionate catalyst for families, empathizing with their unique needs and understanding the significance of the decisions they make for their loved ones.
Dotty Harold takes her role seriously, recognizing the immense trust families place in her. As a Sales and Marketing Director, she is committed to being a reliable and understanding guide, assisting families through the major decisions that profoundly impact the lives of their cherished seniors. Her ethos revolves around building trust and providing support during this critical phase in the lives of both seniors and their families.
Pomeroy John Newton

John Newton

Maintenance Director

John Started at Pomeroy skilled facility in Sterling Heights. Upper management quickly noticed his dedication to his job to maintenance and residents, so they decided to train him for a director’s position. John transferred to Pomeroy Living in Northville, as their Maintenance Director in 2023.

John was born in England, to a British Father and Scottish Mother. He became a bit of a Navy Brat as his Father was a “lifer” in the Royal Navy. He has lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Newcastle, England, and Glasgow, Scotland, where his Mother was from.

John is an Army Veteran, stationed in Germany, Falkland Islands, and Northern Ireland. He emigrated to the United States in 1987, making Michigan his home.

John has spent many years in the construction field, ranging from supplies to carpentry. His last seven years have been in the maintenance field.

John loves the outdoor life. Hiking, and especially camping. He loves hanging with his children, but being a jokester is his specialty….