Erica Brown

Erica Brown

Director of Sales & Marketing

Hello, my name is Erica Brown.

I am a mom of six and a grandmother of five. I previously worked with preschool children for over ten years, and I have worked with the elderly for more than a decade as well. I was a mobile hairstylist for over twenty years. My clientele consisted of the elderly and people who rarely left their home due to physical limitations.

I am an avid reader and spend a lot of my down time in either a bookstore or library. I love to cook, and I feel food is the best love language! I am all about family and community and every day I give my best effort to strengthen the family and community I am apart of.

John Newton

John Newton

Maintenance Director

John Started out at Pomeroy skilled facility in Sterling Heights. Upper management quickly noticed his dedication to his job to maintenance and residents, so they decided to train him for a director’s position. John transferred to Pomeroy Living in Northville, as their Maintenance Director in 2023.

John was born in England, to a British Father and Scottish Mother. He became a bit of a Navy Brat as his Father was a “lifer” in the Royal Navy. He has lived in Singapore, Malasia, Newcastle, England and Glasgow, Scotland, where his Mother was from.

John is an Army Veteran, stationed in Germany, Falkland Islands and Northern Ireland. He emigrated to the United States in 1987, making Michigan his home.

John has spent many years in the construction field, ranging from supplies to carpentry. His last seven years has been in the maintenance field.

John loves the outdoor life. Hiking, and especially camping. He loves hanging with his children, but being a jokester is his specialty….