Signs of Dementia in Elderly Loved Ones

How you support your loved ones matters. And no one knows your elderly loved ones better than you do. Their traits, hobbies, and personalities are already engraved in your mind. So, whenever something odd happens, there is a good chance you will spot it. Aging affects the mind. The older we get, the harder it…

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Coping with Memory Care: Finding Peace for Caregivers

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This article couldn’t be more timely for what is happening to families during the pandemic. We are hearing from our inquiries that caregiver burnout is happening at an all-time high. Families are struggling with their own work, life balance with working from home, change in what school may look like for their kids and caring…

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Speaking To Your Parents About Senior Living

Tracy Martin Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing at Pomeroy Living We find that many adult children avoid having a conversation with their parents when the see a change in behavior and mood in their loved one. This article points out how to approach a conversation with your parents which is great. But I want…

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Retirement Communities: Your Complete Guide

Entertainment. Warmth. Kindness. Laughter. Friendship. Are these the first things that come to mind when you picture a retirement community? That’s how it should be. Retirement communities designed for senior living are comfortable places where seniors can sit back and relax. Here, you can take a quick look at how options such as these can…

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How Memory Care for Alzheimer’s Differs From Assisted Living

How Memory Care for Alzheimer's Differs From Assisted Living

For 6.2 million Americans over the age of 65, Alzheimer’s dementia is a serious problem. It can have a profound impact on their daily lives, which is why many of those affected are opting for a safe and structured living space. Recent reports show that around 85% of people with probable dementia lived in a…

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10 Signs To Know If You Need Memory Care

Ten Signs To Know It Is Time To Move To Memory Care

When a loved one develops age-related dementia and Alzheimer’s, you can’t just jump into action and start making plans. The problems develop over time. Eventually, their emotional and psychological issues will pose new challenges. Memory loss can make it difficult to function. It often disrupts daily life. It’s at this time that your loved one…

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The Various Types of Senior Living Options, Explained

Senior Living Options, Explained

Due to the technological advances in the healthcare industry, life expectancy has gone up at a drastic pace—seniors over the age of 85 account for 2% of the nation’s population. In Michigan, the senior adult population was recorded at 2.6 million back in 2010. That’s roughly 26% of the population in the state. Given the…

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