Speaking To Your Parents About Senior Living

Tracy Martin Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing at Pomeroy Living We find that many adult children avoid having a conversation with their parents when the see a change in behavior and mood in their loved one. This article points out how to approach a conversation with your parents which is great. But I want…

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A Guide to Senior Living: Qualities to Look For

This guide to senior living will help you while researching a good senior living facility. A senior living facility can be an excellent choice for elderly individuals. Around 1 million elderly Americans live in a senior living facility type set up, and this number is predicted to grow with time. However, making the transition from…

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Fun Activities for the Elderly in Senior Living Communities

elderly activities

Independent living activities are beneficial to its residents by lifting spirits and promoting mental and physical sharpness. Though these activities may vary from community to community, the main goal is to keep seniors active, engaged and entertained. There are plenty of activities for residents in senior living communities to benefit from. These are not only…

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The Various Types of Senior Living Options, Explained

Senior Living Options, Explained

Due to the technological advances in the healthcare industry, life expectancy has gone up at a drastic pace—seniors over the age of 85 account for 2% of the nation’s population. In Michigan, the senior adult population was recorded at 2.6 million back in 2010. That’s roughly 26% of the population in the state. Given the…

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